We proudly show the work of many talented regional artists and artisans.

We proudly show the work of many talented regional artists and artisans.

177 Main St, Port Stanley, Ontario
N5L 1H6, 226-658-1888

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Summer Hours:
June 1st- Labour Day: open 11-5 pm Wednesday, through Monday, closed Tuesdays.
Spring and Fall Hours:
April 1st-May 31st, after Labour Day-Dec 24th: open 11-5 pm Thursday through Monday
Winter Hours:
January -March : Saturday & Sunday 11-4 pm or by appointment

Closed: Thanksgiving Sunday, Easter Sunday and Christmas Eve until after New Years, open other holidays.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wilf Chappell, Digital Artist

Wilf transcends the mere manipulation of photo's,  creating captivating digital art.  With an deft understanding of  Notan, Wilf's work has a visceral appeal.
 One of our newer members, Wilf shares wall space on one of the new moveable walls we've created to accommodate artists on our waiting list.  His art is a very welcome addition to the Art Emporium's Boathouse Gallery!

Carolyne McLeod, watercolour Sans pareil

Talented, with a sense of humour, Carolyne's wonderful watercolour takes many aspects. Capable of  detailed realism, she's also skillful with the visual pun, and adept with works of pure design.  The constant is her command of her medium, and her delight in her work, here in the Art Emporium.

Sandra England, diviner of colour

 Sandra has a magical ability with colour, it leaps from her pallet and dances with her brush, creating enchantment on her canvas.  Come quickly to see her newest work, 'cause like the chimera, it will soon be gone!

Tracy Higgon, Stunning Textile Work

 These stunning works by Tracy are comprised of hundreds of tiny french knots, and stitches. My fingers hurt at the thought of the hours put into these gems. A truly talented  textile artist, Tracy shares wall space in  the Art Emporium with painter Jackie Sutherland, they often will create work based on the same reference material/theme, with amazing results!

Dianne Elliott, Marvellous Mosaic

An ancient art form has been given a modern twist by Dianne, her mosaic finds it's way onto both wall hung supports and  Objets d'art . Her marvellous work is available here, in the Art Emporium!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Margo Oborne Whimsy in Watercolour

Formally a dedicated (and very talented) realist, Margo has recently gone to a more whimsical style,  from dancing trees to disgruntled robins in snow we're liking what we see coming off her brush!

Harold Watling

New works by Harold, include giclee wrapped canvas of his very popular cactus flower series.  Harold has a wonderful collection of images from his traipsing around the globe looking for, and finding, that perfect shot.

Jo Wilkinson , Watercolour with a difference

Jo has put a unique twist into her compositions.  The emphasis on pattern and design create intriguing   curvilinear works that capture your  imagination, and makes your eye wander into other planes.

Karen Tscherner, Black and White and Beautiful

Karen's  photography of the beach in off season capture a side of Port Stanley not often seen. Her choice of black and white, further emphasises the unspoiled character of the peaceful waterfront.

Chair Affair Entry

In partnership with MYFM (they bought the chair) and Corner furniture (they provided the table) we've completed our entries for the St Thomas Elgin Hospital Chair Affair, silent auction and fundraiser.
For now they're in the Gallery, but will soon be taken to the display for the auction.   Come see!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Phillip SchMidt, Story Teller

From behind his lens Phillip tells us stories of beauty and connection.
For Phil, these are never 'just' photos, he is actively seeking ways to connect the viewer to the beauty of creation, not only of  nature, but also of his fellow artisans, whom he commissions to work from his raw material.
The triptych sunset includes work commissioned from Laura Woermke, and the triptych hillside, the work of Judy Ross.  Phil's collaborative works are always on the list of our parton's favorites.

Robert Reid, Renaissance Man

Bob is not "just" a wonderful artist, who has been painting for longer than most of us have been alive, he's also a talented musician, and singer whose garden is a work of art.  At 80 he radiates good cheer and has more energy than anyone half his age. Is it any wonder he's one of our favorite people?
We're very pleased to have his art in the Boathouse gallery, and if you're lucky enough to come see it on a Saturday, you just might meet "our Bob" on one of his shifts as docent.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Rose Klein, rust is a good thing!

In the talented hands of Rose, rust is an artist's medium. Multi layered, silk accentuated with intriguing bits she has turned what most would see as mundane, into magic!  

Deb Dicker, City Pulse

Deb has changed up her wall and brought some wonderful new art, this one 'City Pulse' has drawn many ooowwws and aaawwws.  Come see it for yourself!

Cynthia McNair, painting with thread and fabric

Textile art at it's finest, Cynthia dyes her own fabrics and thread to create truly unique work. This ain't your mama's embroidery, well not my mama's anyway.

Christa Oglan, abstracts and fantasy

Christa's multi layered mixed media is full of unexpected elements.  You're as likely to see semi precious stone, in her work as you are to see paper or fabric ephemera, fascinating stuff.

Featured Artists for August

Hard to believe August is a third done....and with it the summer. That still leaves time for you to come and see the August Featured Artists, Randy Bloye, Debra Bailey, Kim Yuhasz, Philip SchMidt, and Annette Martin. Of course the feature wall is just a tease....there is more 'in store' ;)

Kim Yuhasz, tactile sensory art

Kim's art is a feast for the senses, often highly textured, awash with colour, and unusual perspectives it will delight you in so many ways.