We proudly show the work of many talented regional artists and artisans.

We proudly show the work of many talented regional artists and artisans.

177 Main St, Port Stanley, Ontario
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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Mark Spowart, The Story Is The Medium

Mark uses photographic imagery as an entry point to tell stories. Not content with 'pretty pictures' he's always looking for deeper meaning and an opportunity for the viewer to question what they see, drawing their own conclusions to the story told.
locomotive, trains, wheels, railway, steam, Mark Spowart
Locomotive, Photographic Print, Mark Spowart, 21'x17', $175.00, contact us for info

Anne McLean, Dancing Colours

 For Anne colours dance with the vibrancy of life itself.
The rhythm of this dance is well choreographed on her canvas as surge, flow, pause, repeat, en-trace the viewer.
painting, abstract, landscape, Anne McLean
Mystical Forest, Acrylic, Anne McLean, 24'x24', $300.00 contact us for info

Amanda Caldwell, Making a Good ImpressionAwakening

When most people hear the term print they immediately think of mass production, which is why print artists like Amanda find themselves often having to explain their process.   Amanda works primarily with lino, that tough hard to kill stuff flooring used to be made of. She uses knives and gouges to painstakingly carve her image, which she then prints using specialized inks and press. Each colour layer requires more carving and a separate printing, making the overall process very delicate and time consuming.
The end result is stunning and Amanda has earned several awards for her amazing artistry.
We are very proud to have her work displayed here in the Art Emporium Port Stanley.  
prints, lino cuts, lino print, Amanda Caldwell, landscape, trees
Awakening, Relief Printmaking, 20'x20'  Amanda Caldwell, $300.00 contact for info

Monday, September 21, 2015

Randy Bloye Man of Many Talents

Randy is one of our very talented carvers, He helps keep our gallery running in tip top condition, and we've been hearing from our sources that he's a talented watercolourist too.
Randy himself is too modest to let that info out, but we'll be working on him to let us have a peek so stay tuned, we may have a treat for your eyes in the future!
green man, wood spirit, wood carving, Randy Bloye
Wood Spirit, Randy Bloye, 5x17,Cotton Wood Bark, $65.00, contact

Debra Chantler Magical Imagery

Most of Debra's imagery has an element of mystery, a touch of the magical or fantastic.
These little guys may not be the phantasms we generally see from Debra, but they do have their own brand of magic!
raccoon kits, baby raccoons, cute raccoons
Three Amigos, Debra Chantler,17x22, Photography, $70.00, contact

Paul McSherry Art That's a Glass

Paul is one of the best glass artists in our area. His unique artistic vision is showcased this month as one of our featured artists, you'll see he uses agate and other unusual material in his creations and he fuses glass to create his own distinctive materials.

theatrical masks, stained glass, fused glass, Paul McSherry
Masks, Paul McSherry, 18x16, Stained Glass, $250.00, contact
agate, stained glass, fused glass, Paul McShery
Astral Daze,  Paul McSherry, Glass,  contact

Mario Moran, A Passionate Turn

Mario is relatively new to the Art Emporium, and we are delighted to have his amazing turned wood creations here in the gallery.
For Mario each creation is a passion project, he is evangelical in his enthusiasm for wood, and making best possible use of what the tree has given us. That zeal shows in the quality and originality of his work, he has several pieces in the Boathouse Gallery, it was hard to choose one to feature! This vessel contains over 800 individual pieces each lovingly cut by hand, assembled and turned.
wood vessel, wood turning, purple heart, maple, Mario Moran
Vessel  #897, Mario Moran, 12x20, Maple and Purple Heart, $700.00 contact

Sunday, September 13, 2015

September Featured Artists

Meet our featured Artists, Sunday September 13, 2-4 pm 177 Main St Port Stanley. Contact us for info

Randy Bloye
Wood Spirit, Randy Bloye, 5x17,Cotton Wood Bark, $65.00, contact

Debra Chantler
Three Amigos, Debra Chantler,17x22, Photography, $70.00, contact

Paul McSherry
Masks, Paul McSherry, 18x16, Stained Glass, $250.00, contact

Mario Moran
Vessel  #897, Mario Moran, 12x20, Maple and Purple Heart, $700.00 contact

Robin Baratta

Port Stanley Moon, Robin Baratta, acrylic, 8x10, $110.00, contact

Anne McLean
Magical Forest, Anne McLean, Acrylic, 24x24, $300.00, contact

Mark Sopwart
Locomotive, Mark Sopwart, Photography, 21x17, $175.00, contact
Amanda Caldwell
Awakening, Amanda Calwell, Relief Printmaking, 20x20, $200.00, contact


Monday, September 7, 2015

Colours That I Choose Featuring George Conklin and Rita Milton

Woodstock artist Rita Milton, and artist George Conklin of Walsingham, are spreading their wings into new territory and having a joint show titled Colours That I Choose in Port Stanley at The Art Emporium Spt 11-20, opening reception Friday Spt 11, 7-9 pm., 177 Main St Port Stanley.

Refreshments and parking are free
you're invited to The Colours I Choose, a joint show of George Conklin and Rita Milton, contact  info

 Rita Milton was born and raised in Oxford County, Ontario having studied with local and international teachers, she is now an award winning professional artist.

Her abstracted stylized method creates unique works that are sure to make you smile.
You’ve probably seen her work, she has worked on several murals for the Town of Ingersoll and the City of Woodstock.

 Look for her works at the Woodstock Art Gallery, Red Canoe Gallery, Artists of Oxford and the Oxford Creation Connections Incorporation.
Coffee Pot, painting, stylised, Rita Milton
Rita's Coffee Pot, 12x12, contact info

George Conklin paints landscapes in oil. An avid outdoorsman, with a life long interest in colour and design, it is natural for his subjects to come from Nature’s inspiration, his impressionistic landscapes are alive with light and the drama of Ontario’s northern landscape

Though he has studied extensively since, George is faithful to the philosophies and techniques with attention paid to light, air and atmospheric perspective, imparted by his mentor the late George Nelson a retired designer/ painter who had studied at the famed “Arts Students League” in New York City.