We proudly show the work of many talented regional artists and artisans.

We proudly show the work of many talented regional artists and artisans.

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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Judy Minor, Atmosphere of invitation

Judy is easily one of the best, and best known artists in this area.
Regardless of the subject matter, her paintings are not  about just the light, but the atmosphere that light creates around the focus of her attention.
She strives to tell a story with each work, and like the best story tellers she knows when to quite and let the audience fill the space with their imaginations.
bag pipes, oil painting, pipes, Judy Minor,
Pipes, Drums, and Ghillies, Judy Minor, oil, contact us for info

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Kelly Bennett, Funk From Junk

We've had a few assemblage artists come to the gallery, but assemblage is an art form that is really difficult to do well.
Kelly doesn't do it well, she does it spectacularly!
Her sense of humour and quick wit are evident in every piece she makes. The attention to detail is amazing, every join and fastener is perfect, even her boards are carefully created to give just the right presentation.
assemblage, upcycle, recycled art, art from junk, bird, collage, Kelly Bennett
Red Rosie, Kelly Bennett, Mixed media assemblage, 11x21, $90.00, contact us for info

Christa Oglan, Departing On A Magical Journey

Christa describes her art process as a magical journey, full of meaning and portent. She evokes mystery in her story telling much as an enchantress evokes a spell, to bring the story to fruition.
mixed media, collage, painting, girl, Christa Oglan
Last Look Back, Christa Oglan, Acrylic Mixed Media, 12x12, $165.00, contact us for info

Pat Brown, Serenity

The silken murmur of the river slipping by, gently swaying trees and geese just around the bend. This delicate traditional water colour captures the spirit of the Thames on a lazy summer day.
watercolour, painting, Thames, UWO, University of Western Ontario, Western University, Thames river, London Ontario, Pat Brown
By The Thames, Pat Brown, watercolour, 14x17, $90.00 contact us for info

Tom Scanlan, Owl With Attitude

Nothing could be sweeter than Tom's Pygmy Owl.
As it is with everything Tom creates, the exquisite detail  that this piece has been rendered with is only one part of the equation. The attitude of our small feathered friend has also been lovingly captured and is immediately evident to all who see it, as is evidenced by the OOOOH's we hear as people see it in the feature gallery.  
carving, wood, owl, pygmy, sculpture, Tom Scanlan
Pygmy Owl, Tom Scanlan, Wood, $325.00, 3"x12". contact us for info

Another Awesome Workshop

The Art Emporium hosted a workshop on online selling this weekend. Many thanks to Gina Mason for sharing her knowledge in a well prepared presentation!

how to sell online, Gina Mason
Debra Kubu introduces Gina Mason at the beginning of the online selling workshop

Monday, November 16, 2015

Micheal Yates, Sepia Dreams

All art comes from the heart, and soul of the artist. Micheal's photography is serene and full of a gentle humour, not unlike the man himself.
The choice of sepia for the presentation of this shot, enhances the peace of this tranquil morning, well done Micheal!
Port Stanley Marina, Port Stanley, Boats, Micheal Yates, photograghy
Port Stanley Marina, Micheal Yates, Photography, 21x17, $.300.00, contact us for info

Sandra England, Come Sail Away

Sandra is an avid sailor.
painting, sailboat, sailing, boat, blue, Sandra England, art
It Once Was, Sandra England, 24x24, acrylic, $300.00 Contact for info
Her love of the open water is more than  evident in this marvellous piece. There is a hint of mystery here, subtle textures and half hidden imagery allow the viewer to create their own mental journey into the great blue beyond.