We proudly show the work of many talented regional artists and artisans.

We proudly show the work of many talented regional artists and artisans.

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Candy McManiman, Artist of the day!

Our very own Candy McManiman is the Artists for Conservation artist of the Day check it out here.  way to go Candy!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Karen Tscherner, Multi Talented Artist For All Seasons.

Last year at the Lexus London Gala silent auction one of Karen's huge black and white photo's was at the centre of an intense bidding war. Evocative, moody, romantic, all are words that describe Karen's work well. Not only does she do remarkable photography though, she also paints, deceptively simple, minimalist landscape, that are the painterly equivalent of her photo art.

Harold Watling-Big Game Hunting-with a Camera

Harold has traveled extensively, camera in hand patiently waiting to take THAT shot.  His  remarkable ability to get THAT shot is evident when you view his wall in the Boathouse Gallery. Whether bird, animal, flower or scenery, there is something about a Harold Watling photo capture that will enchant you.

Rose Klein, Textile Art With a Touch of Patriotic Pride

OH! Canada.
The tile of Rose's newest work says it all.  Proudly in love with her adopted homeland, Rose has stitched each of those leaves and the music beneath in a show of appreciation of our nation.
Come to Port Stanley for Canada Day, and while you're there, come here to the Art Emporium to be wowed by work by living Canadian artists, like Rose Klein.
 OH! Canada

Paul McSherry, Master of Glass and Stone

I love it when artist's break from the expected mold of their medium.  Paul not only designs work, but fuses glass to make the work, and now he's adding unexpected elements like the agate in the pieces above.
Paul has just moved into a larger unit in the Boathouse Gallery, so if you're looking for his work in 'the usual spot' go just a little further, and feast your eyes on even more of this glorious lode.

Heather Kohl, Works Full of Texture and Magical Colour Combinations

Heather's  work is often very large, this is just one third of a 6'x4' work. Flecked with metallic bits and reminiscent of the ancient rock faces of the Canadian Shield, it begs you to caress it visually, examine it closely, or allow it's power to touch you from across the room.    

Don't miss June's Featured Artists!

On the wall, featured artists for June are: Richard Cochrill, Deb Dicker, Cynthia McNair, George Sapkowski, Robin Baratta, and Diane Elliott, plus sculpture by  Ethel Mitrovic-that's her luck dragon below.
It's hard to believe that July is almost upon us. Port Stanley will soon be buzzing with Canfest, Harbourfest, Port Proud and more all summer long. At the Art Emporium we'll be buzzing with excitement too. Each month brings us new work to show, and new artists to promote on our feature wall. You'll not want to miss a one!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Cards, Cards, Cards

Did you know, we have a large assortment of art cards, many of them original works of art! In fact I'd be willing to say that we probably have the area's largest assortment of art cards. Photo cards, painted cards, even cards with pottery parts.  Here in Port Stanley's Art Emporium.

Amazing Oils by Judy Minor

In the hands of a master, like Judy Minor, there is no doubt oils have a unique and  fascinating look.  Much celebrated, Judy's work evokes a mood, or a memory and leaves you wanting more.

Art Emporium the perfect place for Fathers Day gifts

Hard to buy for Dad? one of Tom Scanlan's 'antiqued' decoys would be perfect, or how about chainmail  jewelry, had twisted by Greg Selway? 'What's Trump?' by Judy Ross, for the card playing Dad, or...any one  of the hundreds of unique items we have on hand, here at the Art Emporium!

Judy Ross, Photographer, Painter, Renaissance Woman

Judy is one of those people who can do it all, paint, shoot photo's,  make jewelry, I get tired, just thinking of everything she's into, a perennial favorite in the Gift Boutique, and one of our original artists in the Boathouse Gallery, Judy is one busy, talented lady!  

Phantom Esque by Debra Chantler

Layered images, mysterious figures, there? or....not.
Debra's work will make you think she has actually captured  the spirits of times past, very unearthly, and now in the Boathouse Gallery.

Ethereal works by Kim Yuhasz

A tiny waif like being possesed by a huge talent, Kim's work is at first glance delicate and dreamlike. Upon closer inspection though you see the depth of colour and a profound knowledge of composition and design.

a little Canadian wine with that glass?

Just to get you in the mood for Canada Day, hand painted wine and beer glasses by Tillsonburg artist Nancy Rhodenizer, in the gift boutique, by the way Canada Day AKA Canfest is huge here in Port Stanley, you'll want to make the trip!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Luscious Liz

Elizabeth Kusinski's works in oil have a well deserved reputation for luscious colour, amazing depth, and unparalleled skill. It's not uncommon to see people stop dead, jaw dropped, entranced by the work on her wall in the Boathouse Gallery.  Really, I don't make this stuff up, come see for yourself!

'It's a Small World' by Aganetha Sawatsky, In the Gift Boutique

Aganetha, does the most amazing work, there truly is no better word.  Delicate, detailed, a deft handling of colour, and a perennial favorite at area art shows.  Aganetha has bestowed our gift boutique with a trio of spring themed paintings. Hurry in, like the season they won't be here long!

Bee Balm by Pat Brown in Encaustic

Encaustic is an ancient art form involving hot wax and pigment.  I've tried it, and it's NOT easy. Pat is a master watercolourist who 'just to change things up' periodically tests herself with this media, the results are clearly amazing. Here now, in the Boathouse Gallery!

Feature Artists for June Are...

It's a new month, which means we've changed up our feature artist wall. Up this month are Richard Cochrill, Deb Dicker, Cynthia McNair, Ethel Mitrovic, Dianne Elliot, George Sapkowski, and Sandra England. Each artist has brought us a very special piece  that you'll definitely want to see!