We proudly show the work of many talented regional artists and artisans.

We proudly show the work of many talented regional artists and artisans.

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Edser Thomas

I overheard two patrons in the gallery today debating whether or not photography is art, when they came to Edser Thomas's wall one said you can't tell me this is not art...and the argument was over.
Toronto Subway, mirror, photography, Edser Thomas
Round Trip, Photography, Edser Thomas. 18x18, $225.00

Jim Seaton, World Through a Lens

One hears of photographers who have 'the eye' and sometimes you wonder what exactly does that mean....? Veiwing Jim's work tells you. This is 'the eye'.  

misty morning, mist, trees, photography on canvas, Jim Seaton
Burning Off The Mist, Photo on Canvas, Jim Seaton, $119.00, contact us for info

Debra Kubu Life's a Beach

I've noticed a theme to Debra's pieces that we've featured the last several years.
The Beach.
Having a cottage here on Canada's South Coast, obviously has inspired her. As muses go, nothing could be finer than a long white sand beach to walk upon, dream on, and meditate with paint about.
beach, painting, oil panting, Lake Erie, Canada's South Coast, Debra Kubu
Blade Grass, Debra Kubu, Oil, $250.00, 12x36, contact for info

Annette Martin, Story Teller

Annette is a teacher, and her talent for teaching extends to her art.  Each peice tells a story, it is however up to the viewer to interpert the story for themselves.  For some the apparent whimsy is enough, for others the story is deeper and darker. What do you see?
global warming, submerged cities, subterranean cities, collage, painting, Annette Martin, fish
Across Town 12x12 Acrylic Mixed Media, Annette Martin, $195.00, Contact for info

Judy Ross, Photographer, Collagist, Artist and more

The best word to discribe Judy is Multi Faceted.
Like a brilliant cut diamond whichever facet of Judy's work you look at you'll be dazzeled.
Her featured piece for October is You Are My Sunshine
sunflower, photo on canvas, yellow, Judy Ross
You Are My Sunshine, Photo on Canvas, Judy Ross, 18x24, $350.00, Contact for info

We would also like to congratulate her, Judy's work Frozen Fury was accepted into the St Thomas Elgin Public Art Centre Show, a highly prestigious event indeed!

Lake Erie, frozen, ice, polar vortex, Judy Ross
Frozen Fury, Judy Ross, Photo on canvas, accepted in the STEPAC 2015 show, contact for info

Monday, October 19, 2015

Spirit Of Fire, June-Anne Reid

The playful spirit of the artist show's, her love of colour and the medium leaps across the page. Spirit of Fire, is the Spirit of play!
fire, abstract painting, red, gold, June-Anne Reid
Spirit Of Fire, acrylic, June-Anne Reid, $190.00 contact for info

Fruit Of The Oak by Melissa Kempf

The varying textures of the stone holds both visual and tactile appeal. Paired with the rich colour of the material Melissa's work in soapstone is a feast for the senses.
soapstone, oak, acorn, nut, carving, sculpture, port Stanely, Melissa Kempf
Friut Of The Oak, Soapstone, Melissa Kempf, $225.00 8"x7"x4" contact for info